Insanely fast photoreal visualization for your 3D data - simple enough for anyone.

What is Stage?
Stage is a standalone, interactive 3D platform that allows you to showcase, render, and collaborate in real-time with incredibly high-fidelity. Import your 3D work (FBX/OBJ/glTF) from any 3D package, and use Stage for live reviews, instant 4K ray-traced renders, and much more.
Whether you are on a Mac or PC, Stage will give you the best, most realistic real-time rendering possible.
Using the best in real-time, interactive rendering technologies, Stage uses the hardware on your computer to give you the best and most accurate view of your creation.
Share your ideas, get feedback, and make changes in real-time. Whether it’s down the hall, or across the globe.
Stage Light Rig
Speed, speed, and more speed.
Built on the power of Unreal Engine 4, you’ll be able to showcase, render, and review your designs in interactive, photoreal glory, without the need to hit the render button, and wait. In the time it takes to setup and render a single frame for that presentation, you can review, receive feedback, make changes (over and over again), render, and receive approval. And with environment and lighting presets, just import, render, and be on your way.
Photoreal Visualization
Using the latest in real-time visualization technology, Stage accurately replicates the textures, lighting, and physical properties on your 3D assets, helping convey accurate representation and speeding up decision making.
Flight Helmet